About me

Hi, I`m Alex, a professional web developer.

I`ve been working as a full-stack web developer since 2016. My main speciality is back-end development and I`ve got plenty of front-end experience as well.

Throughout my career I have released numerous projects of varying complexity, converted hundreds of business requirements into technical solutions, reviewed thousands of pull requests and conducted dozens of interviews.

Besides coding, I find joy in helping others to improve their skills, making the learning journey smoother for everyone on the team.

I`m excited to continue leveraging and improving my skills to contribute to innovative and impactful projects.


Work experience

Responsibilities and achievements during my career

Senior Full Stack Web Dev / Backend Team Lead

Polytech Software / 2018-Present


  • Design back-end and database architecture
  • Improve application performance and find ways to reduce AWS costs
  • Configure CI/CD pipelines
  • Write technical documentation
  • Optimize development and release processes
  • Review pull requests
  • Mentor junior developers
  • Conduct technical interviews


  • Led the migration of the classic MPA project to SPA (Nuxt.js) + REST API (Symfony). It has improved application performance, user experience and developer experience
  • Significantly improved the performance of core API endpoints using various data retrieval and caching strategies
  • Redesigned schemas of key database tables to reduce the amount of data stored and improve overall DB performance
  • Migrated reporting functionality from main SQL database to OpenSearch + static files (S3). It allowed to reduce the load of the main DB and to display report charts/tables efficiently
  • Configured infrastructure for unit and integration testing of the back-end application. Added automated testing to CI/CD pipelines
  • Created a tool to monitor the versions of software installed on supported projects and notify dedicated developers of required updates.
  • Implemented, released and supported dozens of projects

Full Stack Web Dev

BeeJee / 2017-2018


  • Implement new features and fix bugs
  • Optimize SQL query performance
  • Contribute to the in-house PHP framework


  • Created a social network for scientists. A website where people can post and discuss science-related articles, journals and conferences
  • Worked on processing a significant amount of photo/video content
  • Integrated multiple payment gateways
  • Integrated multiple live video streaming solutions

Junior Full Stack Web Dev

21 Web Studio / 2016-2017


  • Build and maintain websites on WordPress, MODX and Joomla
  • Convert designs from PSD to HTML/CSS
  • Fix bugs and solve performance issues


  • Built from scratch and released multiple projects
  • Completed migration of a large website from one CMS to another


Technologies I have experience with








dockerdocker-composegitBitbucket PipelinesGitHub Actions
ProductionPet projects


A journey that shaped my skills

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Master Degree / 2018-2020

Speciality: Computer Engineering

Qualification: Research Engineer in Computer Systems

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Bachelor Degree / 2014-2018

Speciality: Computer Engineering

Qualification: Information Technology Specialist